Various Artists - Rock & Roll Girls - LP

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White Label / NL / 8? / M-/VG+

Betty Nickel & The Rockets Hot Dog
Linda & The Epics Gonna Be Loved
Colleen Carson Going Going Gone
Claire Cook Claire's Boogie
Marguerite Trina & The Savoys The Rocking Tree
Maggie With The Sandy Stanton Band Stop Your Running Around
Maggie With The Sandy Stanton Band The Sugar Blues
Abbie Neal With Betty Brant & The Ranch Girls I'll Take Back The Heartache
Loretta Thompson Square From Nowhere
Brenda Darlin' The Rockin' Lady
Judy Capps With Pat Kingary & The Kentuckians You Can Have My Love
Genia Merrill & The Crownsmen The Polka Wheel
Renie Hicks And The Ashtacks Real Gone Okie
Betty Jo & Johnny Starr Eskimo Boogie
Lorelei Lynn & The Sparkles Rock'A'Bop
Boots Collins Mean
Penny Candy The Rockin' Lady

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