Various Artists - King Rockabilly - CD

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Ace Records / UK / 03 / M-/M-

–The Blue Tones

Shake Shake

–Boyd Bennett


–Cecil McNabb

Clock Tickin Rhythm

–Joe Penny

Bip A Little Bip A Lot

–Joe Penny

Mercy Mercy Percy

–Bill Beach

Peg Pants

–Bill Beach

You're Gonna Like Me Baby

–Hank Mizell

Jungle Rock

–Delbert Barker

No Good - Robin Hood

–Delbert Barker

Jug Band Jump

–Bing Day

Pony Tail Partner

–Rusty York


–Mac Curtis

Granddaddy's Rockin

–Bob And Lucille

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo

–Donnie White

Your Kind Of Lovin'

–Dave Dudley

Rock 'n' Roll Nursery Rhyme

–Charlie Gore & Louis Innis

(You Ain't Nothin But A Female) Hound Dog

–Ronny Wade

Gotta Make Her Mine

–Ronny Wade

Annie Don't Work

–Fuller Todd

Top Ten Rock

–Jimmy Lee Prow

You Tell Her, I Stutter

–Moon Mullican

Seven Nights To Rock

–Charlie Feathers

Bottle To The Baby

–Booker Lee Jr.

Rockin' Blues

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