Various Artists - 100% Neo-Rockabilly - CD

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Eigenproduktion / D / 04 / VG+/VG+

–Taggy Tones

Big Fat Stella


I Go Wild

–Blue Cats

Heaven's Gate

–The Jets

Jitterbuggin' Baby

–The Polecats

Big Green Car

–The Quakes

Lover's Curse

–Johnny Black

Fight Back

–Frantic Flintstones

Gone Gone Well Gone

–Ramshackle Daddies

Bo Diddley

–The Farrell Bros

The Baddest One Around

–Union Avenue

Ace Of Spades

–The Young Savages

Top Down Mama


Cadillac Style

–King Drapes

Alabama Shake

–69 Beavershot

Ready To Rock

–Pete Hodgson & The Fireballs

Rockin' Daddy

–Darrel Higham


–Bob And The Bearcats

The Mess Around

–The Razorbacks

Restless For The Road

–The Sticks Trio

She's Just Rockin'

–Way Out West

I Love My Car

–Ronnie Hayward Trio

Miss Pearl

–Tim Polecat

The Pit

–Red Hot 'n' Blue

Sure Like The Look In Your Eyes

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