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Various Artists - Wrestling Rocks - LP



Rhino Records / US / 85 / M-/VG / IN

–Shell Shock Shannon And His Hollywood Manglers

Wrestlers Just Wanna Bust Heads

–Jesse "The Body" Ventura

The Body Rules

–Fred Blassie

Pencil Neck Geek

–"Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Vallant

Son Of A Gypsy Man

–Tau "The Destroyin' Samoan" Logo

Samoan To The Bone

–NRBQ With Captain Lou Albano

Captain Lou

–"Exotic" Adrian Street

Breakin' Bones

–Johnny Legend

I Like To Hurt People

–Jerry "The King" Lawler


–The Novas

The Crusher

–The Foreign Objects

Who Will Dispute The Genius Of Lou Albano

–"Exotic" Adrian Street

Imagine What I Could Do To You

–Fred Blassie

King Of Men

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