Various Artists - Destroy Music, Start Your Own Band - LP



Shizophrenic Records / CA / 12 / VG+/M- / IN, BKL

kandische Bands aus Ontario

TV Freaks Mediation
Steeltown Spoilers Demolition City
Steeltown Spoilers 53
Not Nitrogen Architecture
Wiggler And The Tiny Humans Threat From The Deep
The Pre-Nods Puny Humans
Nothing Helper Tired Of Being Poor
Haymaker Trainwreck
Haymaker Memories Of Tomorrow
Sailboats Are White Unfaire Nitemare
Sailboats Are White Time Changes (Shit Manners)
Rackula G20
Skull Servant Ideas
Hangman Pinata Green Death
Born Wrong Enjoy
Snake Charmer Corrosive Tension
Snake Charmer Codex
Snake Charmer Untitled
Pick Your Side Snakes And Ladders

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